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Inspiring Asia
Film Festival

With content based in Asia, we will delve deep into humanity and matters of the heart. Uncover inspiring stories that capture the love, inclusiveness, diligence and dreams of the Asians.

Through the theme of “Inspiring Asia”, we will continue to promote the spirit, value and strength of Asians to make Asia a better place for all.

2023 Micro-Documentry Film Festival

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am Leo Li,
Co-Founder of Code For All


How do we let the kids not just right now like coding, in 10, 20 years’ time, can they actually have at least a slightly bigger chance of having a legitimate skill set for them to change the future of their families?

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Chen Bo
Singapore Silent Heroes 2018

If it is possible, I want to live to 100. And when I reach that age, I will also want to skydive again to celebrate.

Anthonia Hui
Angel of Theatre

Performing art has a much bigger purpose, it is a form of entertainment that can help to enrich your soul. Philanthropy is other than giving money, getting yourself involved, and contributing your time and effort in making sure the things and the situation you want to change are actually going towards the right direction. Time, effort, heart, and money.

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Edy Setyawan
Conservation Studies on Manta Rays

I hope my studies can bring people a deeper understanding of these species and our ocean. I also hope my story will inspire young people in Indonesia to chase after and fulfill their dreams.

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