100 Reasons for not Engaging in Philanthropy

Why engage in philanthropy? And why not? Are these actions driven by deep-seated values and beliefs? Or is it merely a display for public acclaim? Are you truly prepared to delve into philanthropy?

While there might be 100 reasons to walk away from philanthropy, a single compelling cause can pull you forward. This short film honors all philanthropists: those deeply engaged, frequently meeting challenges, and those quietly making a difference away from the limelight. Every philanthropist shines brightly, with adversity only amplifying their commitment to philanthropy.

SEE Zhujiang Project Center

Established in October 2013, the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE) Zhujiang Project Center embodies the vision of progressive entrepreneurs from Guangdong, dedicated to societal advancement and the ecological integrity of the Pearl River Delta. Unified by a collective environmental ethos, they collaboratively forge pathways for sustainable ecological conservation and governance. Since its establishment, the center has garnered the support of over 100 committed entrepreneurial members, fervently championing environmental welfare initiatives in the Guangdong region.

Guangdong Nature Conservation Foundation

Incepted by the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE Zhujiang Project Center), the Guangdong Nature Conservation Foundation (GNCF) was formalized on December 1, 2021. Anchored in Guangdong, GNCF champions natural resource conservation, ecological rejuvenation, and biodiversity. Embracing green development, it also fosters a nexus for research, education, and volunteerism in conservation and restoration realms.

Country of Origin China

Director Zhi Chaoben

Producer Tian Lei

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