Acumen Academy Southeast Asia Gathering

This film celebrates community as a fundamental element in forging a world rooted in dignity –– “a world built on union instead of separation” in the words of Lam Nguyễn-Phương.

Dive into the heart of the Southeast Asia Gathering—a vibrant three-day rendezvous that brought together over 110 of Acumen Academy’s allies, partners, and alumni. The film highlights the collective efforts of this group of individuals who are dedicated to learning, growth, and stepping into their leadership to tackle complex problems and scale solutions to create a more equitable and transformed society.

Acumen Academy

Founded in 2001 by Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen is at the forefront of combating poverty through astute investments in impactful businesses and ideas. With over $131 million invested in 131 enterprises globally, Acumen emphasizes empowering the underprivileged to change their lives. It cultivates social change-makers via a blend of digital and physical learning, benefiting 1,300+ program graduates and 1.3 million online participants from 193 countries.

Nguyễn-Phương Family

Inspired by interconnectedness, the Nguyễn-Phương Family believes every person deserves to live with dignity. Where every human being has the same opportunity to live and thrive. The Nguyễn-Phương Family works with social impact organizations and changemakers across Asia. Our focus areas include: education for all, poverty alleviation, mindfulness and social entrepreneurship.

Country of Origin International

Director Martha Llewellyn

Producer Martha Llewellyn


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