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In agriculture, the quality of a plant is often associated by the quality of its seed or bibit in Bahasa Indonesia. The same thing also applies in the term of children’s growth.

The movie “Bibit” tells about the importance of the first 1,000 days of children’s growth –which is often referred to as the golden age. This age is an important period that can impact the growth of the children. Sadly, not every parent is aware of this matter. This is why Rumah Anak SIGAP (SIGAP Parenting and Early Learning Center) was established, which was to ensure children of age 0-3 years are developmentally on-track according to their age, and to improve parents’ and/or caregivers’ skills in positive and responsive caregiving practices.

In the micro-documentary, we follow Rini Diah Asih, who is one of the trainers/facilitators at Rumah Anak SIGAP. As trainer/facilitator, Rini not only trains about parenting practices, but also facilitates consultation for the parents, who are actually also the residents of her neighborhood. Rini regularly conducts home visits to observe the interactions between parents and children, also to socialize about the effective parenting practices, dietary habits, and healthy lifestyle. Rini hopes that her actions could create positive change for the future of the children in her neighborhood. 

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