Bringing back corals with Bajau youth leaders: Aija, Mabul Island

Aija, a young Bajau, cherishes her sea nomadic heritage from the Sulu Sulawesi Seas. Witnessing the devastation of coral reefs due to climate change and harmful fishing, she transitioned from traditional shore gleaning to actively restoring reefs around Mabul Island. Collaborating with local youth groups like Mabul Climate Leaders and Green Semporna, they address marine concerns, especially plastic pollution. A significant initiative involves crafting reusable pads, countering the prevalent littering of disposable ones. Aija’s goal is preserving Mabul’s vibrant reefs for future Bajau generations.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is a leading conservation organization striving to preserve the earth’s environment and foster harmony between humans and nature. WWF-Singapore, a key international hub, supports over 100 countries, emphasizing sustainability in the region. They tackle critical issues like climate change, deforestation, marine conservation, and illegal wildlife trade. Significant achievements by WWF-SG include supporting Singapore’s net zero goals via the “Earth Hour Kosong plan”, reaching 1.3 million visitors with a tiger awareness campaign, enhancing marine protection by over 11km^2, boosting forest landscapes by 200km^2, and reducing snare encounters for Belum Temenggor tigers by 90%.

Country of Origin  Malaysia

Director Lim Jia Ling, Nadia Low

Producer Lim Jia Ling,  Angela Lim

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