Happy Urns

Happy Urns Lien Foundation Ang Chin Moh Foundation The HappyUrns project was initiated to create innovative ways to overcome the taboo surrounding the topic of death & dying and encourage everyone to have important open conversations with loved ones on this subject with a heart of celebration. Over the course of the HappyUrns journey, we […]

Chen Bo

Chen Bo

Chen Bo The Silent Foundation Li Foundation If it is possible, I want to live to 100. And when I reach that age, I will also want to skydive again to celebrate. Chen Bo, Singapore Silent Heroes 2018 At the grand old age of 97, Mr Tan Kok Sing (known as ‘Chen Bo’ to many) […]

Angel of Theatre

Angel of Theatre AL Wealth Partners Li Foundation Performing art has a much bigger purpose, it is a form of entertainment that can help to enrich your soul. Philanthropy is other than giving money, getting yourself involved, and contributing your time and effort in making sure the things and the situation you want to change […]

Smiling Gecko Cambodia

Smiling Gecko Cambodia Smiling Gecko Cambodia MAC3 Impact Philanthropies Smiling Gecko is dedicated to helping these people – be it in the form of direct aid or through supporting other NGOs. Smiling Gecko focuses on the areas of greatest need and helps people to help themselves through our sustainable cluster projects. This vision guided the […]

Code For All

Code For All LI Foundation Singapore American School How do we let the kids not just right now like coding, in 10, 20 years’ time, can they actually have at least a slightly bigger chance of having a legitimate skill set for them to change the future of their families? Leo Li, Co-Founder of Code […]

Kwentong School At Home

Kwentong School At Home Knowledge Channel Foundation We want to be able to help the Department of Education, our teachers and parents to support the learning of the child. Edric Calma, Director of Operations Kwentong School at Home talks about the challenges of teachers during the pandemic and how they were able to find creative […]


BIBIT Tanoto Foundation In agriculture, the quality of a plant is often associated by the quality of its seed or bibit in Bahasa Indonesia. The same thing also applies in the term of children’s growth. The movie “Bibit” tells about the importance of the first 1,000 days of children’s growth –which is often referred to […]

The Invisible Touch

The Invisible Touch YTL Foundation Imagine your world being perpetually dark, and the only vision you have is that which your mind conceives as your life’s goal. This is life-as-normal for Kenzon Yeoh, a 19-year-old Penangite. But he hasn’t allowed his physical visual impairment to bring down his mental tenacity – overcoming more obstacles than […]

Conservation Studies on Manta Rays


Conservation Studies on Manta Rays CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL SINGAPORE MAC3 Impact Philanthropies I hope my studies can bring people a deeper understanding of these species and our ocean. I also hope my story will inspire young people in Indonesia to chase after and fulfill their dreams. Edy Setyawan Meet Edy Setyawan, a marine ecologist doing research […]

Uncover Unseen Needs

Uncover Unseen Needs

Uncover Unseen Needs The Majurity Trust Many living amongst us struggle behind closed doors. Isolated. Their needs and the issues faced are hidden, overshadowed, masked, veiled or ignored. These unseen needs are gaps in our society that will lead to fractures in our community. When left unseen, we are leaving thousands in our midst to […]

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