Deep Guardians: Rafid’s Thresher Shark Journey

Deep Guardians: Rafid’s Thresher Shark Journey” delves into the heart of Indonesia’s azure waters, unveiling the mesmerizing dance of the Thresher Shark and the passionate endeavors of Rafid Shidqi. As a beacon of marine conservation, Rafid embarks on a mission to not only protect this enigmatic species but to harmonize the relationship between local communities and the vast ocean they call home. Through challenges and triumphs, this documentary captures the essence of what it truly means to be a guardian of the deep, revealing a tale of determination, community, and hope.

Thresher Shark Indonesia

Established in 2018, Thresher Shark Indonesia is a non-profit dedicated to protecting endangered thresher sharks in Indonesia. Based under Yayasan Teman Laut Indonesia, they focus on conservation in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara, employing tagging technology, underwater surveys, and alternative livelihoods for shark-dependent communities. They also train indigenous leaders and collaborate with diverse stakeholders for sustainable solutions.

MAC3 Impact Philanthropies

MAC3 Impact Philanthropies is a giving and impact organization co-directed by Mr. Christopher Louis Franck. It focuses on financing activities and investments that bring about large-scale, sustainable changes. MAC3 supports initiatives in Early Childhood, Health & Education (termed ‘EHE’) and environmental concerns, including the oceans (labeled ‘Big Blue’). The entity has engaged in projects across countries like India, Cambodia, China, and Indonesia. Collaborating with other donors and organizations, MAC3 emphasizes implementing proven strategies for lasting systemic improvements.

Country of origin Indonesia

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