Defenders of Planet Earth

The Defenders of Planet Earth (DOPE) is a unique programme combining a pop culture climate and biodiversity light entertainment show driving millions of people into the conversation on climate change and biodiversity, with a solution focused climate action movement embedded in local knowledge, grassroot organisations and active citizenship.  

DOPE is structured around key aspects of everyday life: food, home, air, water, lifestyle, and the environment (forest), guiding viewers through a journey of “protect, preserve, practice,” promoting a balanced understanding, active engagement, and meaningful action. Issue-focused Impact Campaigns harness mass culture to foster climate education, community action, active citizenship, and sustained engagement in the climate movement. 

Museum for the United Nations — UN Live

Museum for the United Nations — UN Live and Fingerprint Content collaboratively developed DOPE.

UN Live is an independent organization created to unleash the power of culture to drive positive, global action. The organisation engages people across the globe in the UNs values and work, and leverages new ways to inspire people, to take part in forming a better future for people and planet. UN Live has built a presence across 25 countries and reached more than 65M+ people.

Fingerprint Content crafted DOPE as a global format show, focusing on pivotal stories from our challenging era. Through engaging narratives and characters, they centralize and amplify climate discussions, resonating with global audiences.

Country of Origin India

Director Madhvi Malhotra

Producers  Jessica Hines, Shahnaab Alam

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