Inspiring Asia is a captivating initiative that delves into the heart of Asia to uncover the diverse stories that make up this vast and culturally rich continent. These narratives echo the aspirations, determination, and love that define the Asian spirit. Through storytelling, Inspiring Asia aims to amplify these voices and pay tribute to both the traditional and innovative spirit that shape the region. By championing these narratives, we celebrate the essence and values of Asians, paving the way for a brighter and unified future for all of Asia.

Entering 2023, a beacon of resilience and progress, the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) and Li Foundation (LIF) jointly present the 2nd edition of the Inspiring Asia Micro Documentary Film Festival. This festivity springs from our shared aspiration for a dynamic, diverse, and united Asia. The festival’s essence aims to cultivate an ecosystem that encourages collaborations, empowering us to inspire transformation, strengthen unity, and collectively influence the future of Asia.

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As we embark on the journey of 2023, a year that stands as a beacon of resilience and evolution, the Inspiring Asia Micro Documentary Film Festival brings forth the theme “Asia Narratives: Shaping THE Future, One Story AT A Time.” This invitation extends to all, asking to share unique narratives that celebrate the inspiring lives, significant impacts, and indomitable spirit of Asia.

Participation in the festival illuminates these narratives while providing a window into the inspiring actions that shape Asia. This platform, born from a shared vision for a vibrant, inclusive, and harmonious Asia, serves as a catalyst to inspire change, promote unity, and collectively sculpt Asia’s future. This opportunity allows for the weaving of individual narratives into the grand tapestry of Asia’s story, fostering inspiration, sharing experiences, and promoting collaboration – together shaping the future, one story at a time.


Film Requirements:

  • Format: .mp4 / .mov / .avi
  • Dimensions: 16:9 widescreen – 720p / 1080p / 4K
  • Duration: min 3 min / max 10 min
  • File Size: The file size should be more than 100MB but less than 2GB.
  • Language:
    • Films can be in any language.
    • Non-English films must include English subtitles.
  • Opening and Closing Credits:
    • All films must include opening and closing credits.
    • The closing credits must include the “Inspiring Asia” and sponsor logos, which will be provided by the organizing committee.

Materials Required For Submission:

In order to ensure a thorough evaluation of your film and optimize its promotion across various platforms like our website, social media, printed booklets, and posters, please prepare and submit the following required materials:

  • Film Poster: If available, a promotional poster for your film, otherwise we will design one for you.
  • Film Stills: At least three high-resolution stills from your film.
  • Video File: The final cut of your film, complying with the format, dimension, duration, and file size guidelines.
  • Film Synopsis: Provide a concise summary (up to 300 words) of your film, including its main themes and narrative arcs.
  • Team Bios: Share brief profiles (up to 100 words each) of key production team members such as the director, producer, cinematographer, and editor.
  • Organization/Foundation Profile: If your film is linked to an organization or foundation, please submit a succinct overview (up to 200 words) of its purpose and key accomplishments.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Date:
    • Before 30th Sep 2023
    • Submission link will be released by organizing committee soon
  • Screen:
    • Session 1: 31th October 2023
    • Session 2: 2nd November 2023 (venn2023)

Capture and share your unique perspective on what it means to be “Inspiring Asia.” Don’t miss this opportunity to amplify your voice and showcase your vision on a prestigious platform. Thank you for your interest, and we eagerly look forward to your participation!

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