Theme - Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly recognized as a crucial element in shaping a harmonious future where economic growth, social equity, and environmental preservation intersect. In this vital global context, the Inspiring Asia Micro Film Festival 2024 offers a unique platform to showcase a tapestry of compelling stories that illuminate Asia’s innovative spirit and its journey towards sustainable development.

We warmly invite charitable organizations and individuals to contribute their impactful narratives. By presenting these powerful films, Inspiring Asia 2024 aims to celebrate cultural diversity and community resilience, providing audiences with a front-row view of Asia’s dynamic approach to merging tradition with progress and inspiring action towards a more integrated world.

This inclusive festival not only elevates artistic expression but also highlights the crucial role of grassroots organizations in driving tangible change within their communities.

Call for Participation: Participate, Inspire, Transform

Join us in shaping Asia’s sustainable future. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker, a passionate student, or a community activist, we want to hear from you. Submit micro-films that capture the essence of sustainability in Asia—whether in bustling megacities, serene rural landscapes, or innovative communities.

We seek stories of hope, resilience, innovation, and unity. Show us how Asia is addressing sustainability challenges and shaping global solutions. For submission guidelines, deadlines, and more information, please visit our official website. Let’s turn stories into actions and visions into realities.

Awards and Prizes

We are thrilled to introduce two prestigious awards at the Inspiring Asia Film Festival 2024. 

These awards aim to celebrate both the artistic achievements of filmmakers and the meaningful work of organizations driving sustainable change in Asia.

Best Micro Film Award

- Purpose: Recognize excellence in filmmaking and storytelling.
- Prize: Cash Award, Trophy and Certificate
- Recipients: Celebrates the filmmakers and their teams for their outstanding work in creating compelling micro-films. The prize will be awarded to the filmmaking team to support their future filming projects and initiatives.

Inspiring Project Award

- Purpose: Honor the most inspiring project featured in the film.
- Prize: Cash Award, Trophy and Certificate
- Recipients: Acknowledges the NGO, project, or organization featured in the film, highlighting their significant contributions to sustainability and their positive impact on the community. The prize will be awarded to the organization to support their ongoing efforts, projects and initiatives.

Submission Guidelines


  • Format: mp4 / .mov / .avi.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 widescreen format – 720p / 1080p / 4K.
  • Length: min 2 minutes / max 7 min (within 5 min is preferred)
  • File Size: Ensure the film file is larger than 100MB but does not exceed 2GB.
  • Language Guidelines:
    • Films can be in any language.
    • Films in languages other than English must include English subtitles.
  • Credits: Films are required to have opening and closing credits. The closing credits should include the “Inspiring Asia” logo and sponsor logos, provided by the festival organizers.

Materials for Submission:

To facilitate a comprehensive review of your submission and to promote it effectively, the following materials are requested:

  • Film Poster:
    • Submit a promotional poster if available (both Portrait / Landscape).
    • If not, one will be created on your behalf.
  • Film Stills:
    • Include a minimum of three high resolution still images from your film.
  • Video File:
    • Submit the final version of your film, adhering to the specified guidelines.
  • Film Synopsis:
    • A brief summary of up to 300 words detailing the film’s main themes and narrative.
  • Team Bios:
    • Short biographies of up to 100 words for key production team members (director, producer, cinematographer, editor and etc).
  • Organization/Foundation Profile:
    • For films associated with an organization or foundation, please provide an overview (up to 300 words) of its mission and achievements.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline:
    • All entries must be submitted by 30 September 2024
  • Film Festival:
    • Location: Bangkok Thailand
    • Screening Sessions: 12-14 November 2024
    • Award Ceremony: November 2024

This is a unique opportunity to share your perspective on sustainability in Asia through the art of film. We are excited to see your contributions and share them on a prestigious platform. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to your participation.

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