Champion Every Potential

In the critical years from birth to age three, a period now recognized as fundamental for cognitive, linguistic, motor, and socio-emotional development, children in underserved rural areas are lack of the transformative power of early education. Spearheaded by the Tanoto Foundation, the HOPE Early Childhood Development project emerges as a beacon of hope across six provinces in China.

The documentary, with its guiding principle “Companionship is the Best Gift,” weaves real-life narratives to showcase the transformative power of the project. It provides viewers a window into the lives of children flourishing with newfound opportunities. Through the lens of HOPE, the documentary advocates for the paramount importance of early childhood education, urging viewers, from policymakers to parents, to embrace a more informed, contemporary approach to nurturing the next generation.

Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization founded by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto in 1981, based on the belief that every person should have the opportunity to realize his or her full potential. In December 2018, Tanoto Foundation China was officially registered and established in Beijing.

Tanoto Foundation’s programs stem from the belief that quality education accelerates equal opportunity. We harness the transformative strength of education to realize people’s full potential and improve lives.

Country of Origin: China

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