Pearls and Glimmers: A Decade

He Xin, Ya Zhou, and Lian Quan, distinguished philanthropists, have navigated intricate challenges in Chinese society. Their tenacity and solutions to these issues, combined with their deep-rooted commitment, set them apart.

Seeking to further refine their skills and insights, they entered the White House at the School of Philanthropy. There, within the MPS class, they collaborate to bolster their professionalism, broaden their perspective, and maintain unwavering ethics. The school emphasizes a holistic educational approach, aiming to fortify the pillars of China’s philanthropy. A decade has swiftly passed, signifying progress. Yet, the path for China’s philanthropy remains vast, filled with opportunities and challenges waiting to be embraced.

School of Philanthropy @ Guang Zhou

The Guangzhou School of Philanthropy stands as China’s premier institution dedicated to the study and cultural exploration of philanthropy and charity. Founded through a collaboration between the Guangzhou Charity Federation, Harmony Community Foundation, and the Research School of Philanthropy, Sun-Yat Sen University, the school boasts two decades of expertise in fostering philanthropic talents. Over a decade, the MPS program has run eight sessions, shaping close to three hundred visionaries in philanthropy and charity.

Vision: Cultivate benefactors of the nation and promote the culture of philanthropy.

Mission: Combining traditional Chinese culture with modern philanthropic ideals, nurture good citizens of the new era who drive societal progress through philanthropy and charity.

Country of Origin China

Directors  Li Jiahao, Zhu Jiangang

Producer  Alice Lau

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