Using Music For Good:
The TENG Company

“Using Music For Good: The TENG Company” is a captivating short documentary that explores the mission of a Singaporean music company that harnesses the transformative power of music for positive change.

The film follows a young music scholar whose journey with TENG exemplifies the company’s impact. Through TENG’s unique fusion of East-West music, characterised by a signature Singaporean sound, the documentary highlights how music becomes a bridge across cultures, uniting people and their ambitions.

TENG’s emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility demonstrates music as a universal language that fosters harmony. The film concludes with TENG’s vision to nurture the next generation of artists, ensuring the legacy continues. Ultimately, “Using Music For Good: The TENG Company” underscores music’s potential as a catalyst for unity, healing, and a brighter future.

The TENG Company

The TENG Company, a Singaporean arts organisation, pioneers Chinese music innovation and promotes societal betterment. It focuses on three core areas:

Artistic Innovation: Through The TENG Ensemble, TENG creates distinctive Singaporean music, redefining Chinese music with original and adapted works that push traditional boundaries.

Social Impact: TENG uses music as a healing and uplifting force, partnering with nursing homes, hospices, treatment centres, and specialised schools since 2018. They bring comfort and joy to vulnerable populations, and also employs evidence-based music to enhance mental wellness and accessibility.

Industry Empowerment: TENG is a significant contributor to Singapore’s music scene, accrediting Chinese instrumental music and publishing literature on Chinese music. They provide training for school-based Chinese orchestras, offering educational opportunities, networks, and performance platforms for learners of all ages.

Country of Origin Singapore

Director Ada Zhang

Producer The TENG Company

Production A.D.A Productions

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