Waste to Welfare: A Circular Economy Story

This film chronicles the enlightening journey of two students, Raisya and Julpi, through the landscapes of sustainable waste management in West Java, Indonesia. Starting with their route to a school amidst litter, their perspective shifts after attending an environmental workshop. They realize waste isn’t just a challenge but a potential resource. Delving into recycling and environmental rejuvenation, they champion a town-wide shift to a circular economy. Collaborating with schools, local authorities, and sparking awareness drives, they transform their community’s perception of waste. Beyond mere disposal, they see it as an avenue for economic prospects. This narrative celebrates youthful initiative, community transformation, and the lasting impact of education on environmental preservation.

Bakti Barito Foundation

Driven by the profound belief in a more sustainable, equitable Indonesia, Bakti Barito Foundation is steadfast in its mission to empower communities to lead healthier, more prosperous lives. In West Java, Indonesia, where the parent company, Barito Pacific and its subsidiaries are based, the foundation emphasizes environmental education and waste management efforts.

Founded in 2011 by Prajogo Pangestu and his wife Harlina Tjandinegara, the foundation is led by executive director Fifi Pangestu, under the direction of the board of trustees.

Country of Origin Indonesia

Director Odit Praseno Hadi

Producer Fifi Pangestu, Dian Purbasari

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