White Horse

Adream Charitable Foundation is dedicated to promoting holistic education for children across vast regions of China, empowering them to pursue their dreams and visualize their future.  “White Horse” tells a poignant tale of seeking one’s personal white horse – a revered symbol among the Mongols that represents aspirations and hopes in literature. At its heart, the narrative unfolds the journey of five spirited children from Inner Mongolia, eager to find this elusive white horse, juxtaposed with a seasoned teacher’s struggle to rejuvenate her diminishing passion for teaching. As the children traverse from merely talking about to eventually witnessing the white horse, the teacher, inspired by the Adream Charitable Foundation, rediscovers her fervor for education.

Adream Charitable Foundation

Adream Charitable Foundation was established on August 14, 2008 in China. Aimed at helping children grow up with confidence, composure and dignity, Adream Charitable Foundation focuses on Competency-based Education and promotes Equity in Education. In practice, Adream systematically provide schools with the “Adream Center” system, which aggregates educational products and services for philanthropic purposes for children to explore the much wider world and richer life possibilities.

As of December 2022, Adream Charitable Foundation has cumulatively donated to construct more than 5,600 Adream Centers in schools and benefiting over 6.22 million teachers and students.

Country of Origin  China

Director Being Art Space

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