Singapore Silent Hero: Love Is not Rare

Kenneth Mah is the 10th ingapore Silent Hero Awards Winner. Amidst his daughter Chloe’s battle with Pompe Disease, Kenneth turned despair into drive, founding the Rare Disorders Society Singapore (RDSS). His advocacy catalyzed the Rare Disease Fund, highlighting Asia’s commitment to such silent struggles. Renouncing his career for Chloe, Kenneth embodies Asia’s deep-rooted values of sacrifice. Today, RDSS supports 180 souls, providing refuge and camaraderie. The Singapore Silent Heroes 2023 short-film series, supported by Li Foundation and the Silent Foundation, narrates tales of Asia’s unsung warriors.

Singapore Silent Heroes

The Silent Heroes Award Presentation is an annual ceremony organised by CAS – Civilians Association (Singapore). The aim of the award is to recognise ordinary, everyday Singaporeans and Permanent Residents for their extraordinary humanity and compassion towards people, causes, and missions. They are the faceless champions of our society — ordinary humans who have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to improving the lives of their fellow human beings.

Li Foundation

Li Foundation (LIF), based in Singapore, is a family charitable foundation with a mission to inspire and impact lives by maximizing individual potential. Core values guiding LIF include Innovation, Integration, and Impact. Charitable projects encompass the entire journey of beneficiaries’ lives and growth, from Early Childhood Development Research to the transformative Sports Change Lives initiative, Youth Community Leadership Development, Elderly Care, Inspiring Asia Micro-Documentary Film Festival, etc. Additionally, LIF is dedicated to identifying and nurturing future changemakers, emphasizing a commitment to a brighter, more inclusive world.

Country of Origin  Singapore

Director Ada Zhang

Producer Li Foundation, the Silent Foundation

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